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Linda Shawhan
Dec 01, 2020
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There are many things I admired about Gail. Successfully raising four- four!- boys while working and going to school is at the top of my list. I told her more than once that she needed a cape so people could see her true identity as Super Gail. Her thoughtfulness was ever-present. The thing that I look back on with smiles is her penchant for random gifts. I don't know if it was boredom, addiction, or just a way to pass the time, but Gail would scroll through Amazon and send random things to us. For instance, knowing I love Snoopy and the Peanuts, she would see something Snoopy-related, and send it to me "because I thought of you.". I am a proud owner of a Charlie Brown Christmas shower curtain, a fall themed Snoopy yard flag, and a tiny book entitled, "Keep Calm and Do the Snoopy Dance". The list continues with kitchen towels, plants that sometimes mysteriously appeared on our doorstep, and so many others. She always wanted us to know that she was thinking of us. The most cherished gift to me though would have to be her friendship. Knowing I am not the best conversationalist, she would not only engage in conversation, but listen to whatever I had to say, even when that didn't seem like much. We shared recommendations for tv shows to watch and laughed together over parenting stories. She gave advice without ever seeming pushy or nosy. I will miss the visits we shared, and the gift of her love will forever live in my heart. And Gail, I will try to remember to do the Snoopy dance more often 😉.
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Linda Shawhan

Linda Shawhan

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